AngularJS is a MVC based javascript framework

Angular is Javascript library for html front-end development in a MVC ( model - view - controller ) programming style. It's open source and maintained by Google. According to Google it is the result of their experience in developping Google Apps application ( gmail ect. ) combined with the best of the rest.

Standard Angular offers a two-way databinding. Which is very nice and removes al lot of unneccessary code. So if a value is changed in the model the value is direct visible on the html-page and the other way around. If a new value is entered on the html-page the value is direct available in the model.

One of the main goals of Angular is decouple the logic from the Dom elements and using templates instead. With this your code will be testable.

Angular is pretty small ( 29kb ) but extensible with a lot of modules. The modules come available with dependency injection on the functions so you dont have to worry about creating objects or what so ever.

One of the most charistic thing of Angular is the ng-app directive. This will tell angular to manage all the dom-elements on the page:

	<div ng-app>

Angular website:





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