Create Sitecore Project

  1. You will need to check if you have installed the following products, if you have then they need to be uninstalled first.
  2. Visual Studio 2005 Update SP1 beta. 
  • Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Project.
  1. Download and install the Visual Studio 2005 SP1
    (Link ) - required to support Web Application Projects
  2. Start Visual Studio 2005. 
  3. Choose the File » New » Project menu command. 
  4. Select ASP.NET Web Application and provide a name, for example: Test5203

    When you select the OK button, Visual Studio creates a project folder and related files in a folder with the name you specified, along with additional files that will not be used.
  5. Exit Visual Studio 2005.
  6. Locate the generated project folder using the Windows Explorer (these will likely be in a folder under My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects).
  7. Move or copy the Properties folder, *.csproj, and *.csproj.user files to the Sitecore webroot.
    You may delete the Visual Studio project folder now if you wish.
  8. Double click on the *.csproj file in the Sitecore webroot to open the project in Visual Studio 2005. 
  9. Right click on the default.aspx page in the Solution Explorer and select the Exclude From Project command from the popup menu.
  10. Also in Solution Explorer, right-click on References and select the Add Reference command from the popup menu.
  11. Select the Browse tab and select the Sitecore.Kernel.dll file, then select OK. 
  12. Select the Sitecore.Kernel.dll file in Solution Explorer and set the Copy Local property to false.
  13. In order to edit files from within Visual Studio, we need to make them visible and include them in the project. 
    Start by choosing "Show All Files" in the Solution Explorer.
    /upload/sdn5/articles 2/api/vs2005project/showallfiles.gif
  14. Next, include the files you want to edit.  For example, right click on the XSL fodler and choose the Include in Project menu command.

  15. Finally, double click on files themselves to edit them.

  16. Close Visual Studio 2005.  When prompted, choose to save the specified items in the default location. 
    In the future, open this project by opening the corresponding *.sln file in the Sitecore webroot.




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