Repeater Datasource

//The sitecore way

childrenRepeater.DataSource = Context.Database.SelectItems("/sitecore/content/home/*[@@templatename='DisplayBox']");

//C# 1.0 way, using a standard foreach loop

ArrayList list = new ArrayList();
foreach (Item item in Sitecore.Context.Item.Children) {
if (item.TemplateName == "DisplayBox")
childrenRepeater.DataSource = list;

//C# 2.0 way, using the iterator pattern (yield statement),and anonomouse delegate

childrenrepeater.DataSource = delegate {
foreach (Item child in Sitecore.Context.Item.Children) {
if (child.TemplateName == "DisplayBox")
yield return child;

//C# 3.0 way using the query syntax
childrenRepeater.DataSource = from Item child in Sitecore.Context.Item.Children
where child.TemplateName =="DisplayBox"

select child;





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