Disk Performance

General Disk Peformance table:

Good 10ms or less
Reasonable 10ms to 20ms
Busy 20ms to 50ms
Bad > than 50ms

 General Disk Guide lines:

  • Access to SQL Server data files (*.mdf & *.ndf) should not be greater than 20ms
  • Access to SQL Server log files (*.ldf) should not be greater than 10ms

How to monitor:

  • 1. Start up perfmon:
    • a. Start
    • b. Run perfmon.exe
  • 2. Remove all the other default events that are currently there. This just removes distractions.
  • 3. Add the Average Disk Sec/* events found under LogicalDisk ( data listed as 0.010 = 10 millisecond )

Create a log file analyses report with PAL




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